Not only is it more fun to workout with a friend, but there’s actually research to back a whole list of benefits!  Grab your bestie and get to the studio with you and you both will be rocking your mega barre bod!

Here’s Why:

1. Increased Motivation and Adherence:
– People who exercise with friends are more likely to stick to their fitness routines. A study published in the *Journal of Social Sciences* found that individuals were more consistent with their exercise when they did it with a friend .
– The American College of Sports Medicine reports that social support is a critical factor in maintaining long-term exercise habits.

2. Enhanced Performance:
– Exercising with a partner can lead to improved performance. A study in *Annals of Behavioral Medicine* showed that participants exercised longer and more intensely when paired with a workout buddy who they perceived as fitter .

3. Increased Enjoyment and Reduced Stress:
– Social workouts are often more enjoyable, which can make the experience more positive and engaging. The *International Journal of Stress Management* found that people who exercised with others reported higher levels of enjoyment and lower levels of stress compared to those who worked out alone .

4. Accountability and Support:
– Friends provide accountability, making it harder to skip workouts. Research indicates that social support from friends can significantly boost the likelihood of adhering to exercise routines .
– A survey by the fitness app Strava found that 87% of participants felt more motivated when they exercised with friends .

5. Broader Social Benefits:
– Group exercise can enhance social bonds and provide opportunities to meet new people. The *American Journal of Health Promotion* highlighted that group fitness classes can improve social well-being and create a sense of community .

6. Improved Mental Health:
– Working out with friends can reduce feelings of loneliness and depression. A study in *JAMA Psychiatry* found that social exercise groups provided significant improvements in mood and overall mental health .

7. Safety and Technique:
– Having a friend can enhance safety, particularly during weightlifting or high-intensity workouts, as they can assist with spotting and ensuring correct form, reducing the risk of injury .

Exercising with friends can lead to better adherence, enhanced performance, greater enjoyment, and significant mental and social benefits, making it a powerful strategy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.