Teacher Training Program

The Mega Barre: Barre Studio Certification Program will give you the ability to teach one of the most effective workouts in the industry today at the area’s hottest group fitness studio. This training will give you access to all of our 4 signature Barre Studio classes (barre, box step, bounce, circuit) and upon successful completion, allow you to be eligible to teach at Mega Barre. This certification will not only add to your repertoire as a certified fitness professional, but will propel you into the next realm of fitness.

The program consists of two parts.  The first training is our signature Mega Barre Method with founder, Laura Zavadil.  The second part of the program is focused on our box step, bounce and circuit methods.  Through our weekend intensive course and subsequent training hours, learn how to incorporate our evidence based technique with your knowledge of fitness in order to give your clients one of the best workouts out there, and one that is motivating, rewarding, and fun!

The methods included in this teacher program are proprietary only to Mega Barre, so your earned certification will only allow you to teach at Mega Barre Studios. You will sign a privacy agreement that all training materials and videos are held to the highest level of privacy and not to be duplicated at any other studio.

  • First

    Get to Class & Reach Out

    Immerse yourself in our studio.  We do not consider any outside fitness instructors unless they have attended at least 20 classes in our studio.  Reach out, attend an Instructor Q&A, or email [email protected]

  • Then


    Show us your form, musicality, and how you connect with others in the studio.  If you have past group fitness experience, please send a video of yourself teaching a class.  If approved, you’ll begin our training program.


  • Next

    Attend the first training

    If after you’ve attended classes in our studio, and we’ve approve you moving forward with the training, we will begin with learning the Mega Barre Method, which is our signature barre class training.  This is typically 4 hours in length.

  • Next

    Attend Box Step, Bounce and Circuit Training

    4-5 hours will be spent breaking down how to teach our box step, bounce and circuit modalities


  • Practice. Practice. Practice.


    Put what you’ve learned into action by teaching practice classes. It is required to have a minimum of 5 practice classes to real people to get your feet wet with our modalities.

  • Pass Evaluations

    Make It Official

    Get certified as a Mega Barre Instructor (Congrats— and welcome to the team!)

    Pass Evaluations

All participants interested in the Mega Barre Certification Program are required to complete the following courses and evaluations

  • Attend the Mega Barre Training to learn our signature barre method class
  • Attend the second training that covers Box Step, Bounce and Circuit modalities
  • Take a minimum of 20 Mega Barre studio classes (can be done before the certification program)
  • Observe or take another 20 Mega Barre studio classes
  • Teach at minimum 5 practice classes
  • Pass the teaching evaluation
  • Pass the client feedback evaluation
  • During training, all studio classes are covered in your training fee

Why train with Mega Barre?

  • Learn all the methods used in our 4 signature barre studio classes (barre, box, bounce & circuit)
  • Learn how to deliver complete instruction using informative and well timed cues
  • Learn exercise anatomy, exercise modifications for injuries and special needs
  • Learn how to breakdown choreography so that anyone can follow you in class
  • Learn how to create and combine your own choreography, style, and playlist within the class format
  • Increase your own strength and endurance using Mega Barre techniques, so as to better instruct these techniques to others
  • Develop an understanding of Mega Barre’s core principles and values
  • Join the area’s hottest, most diverse and most inclusive fitness community

Non Negiotables…do you have what it takes?

  • Enthusiastic, confident and outgoing personality
  • Passion for fitness, wellness, and helping others
  • Ability and desire to build client relationships through outstanding customer service
  • Active lifestyle, already living a health-centered life
  • Dependable with a strong work ethic – natural willingness to go above and beyond
  • Confidence to energetically command a room of 20 people
  • Musicality – ability to keep rhythm and count to beat of music
  • Background in dance, fitness, cheerleading or barre concept (ideal but not required)
  • All instructors are required to complete all parts of the Mega Barre Training before being eligible to teach classes
  • Minimum one-year commitment to teaching required 

In addition, you would be expected to…

  • Availability to teach a minimum of 2 classes per week (classes are offered early mornings, midday, evenings, weekends, and holidays)
  • Plan and prepare diligently before each class, including study of choreography and class planning prior to each class
  • Self motivated and driven to continue to make classes new and exciting
  • Lift hand weights, demonstrate full body pushups, and maintain high-energy for 50-minute class is required
  • Complete team player and willing to step in and sub when asked
  • Assist with keeping the studio clean

Please note: teacher placement on the schedule is not guaranteed. Future instructors for Mega Barre must pass evaluations and auditions, and will most likely be put on the substitute list to start. Regular placement on the schedule is based on demand, performance and current attendance at the studio and not guaranteed at anytime. 


  • Training is intensive and time consuming for all parties
  • Teacher training investment is $199 to learn all methods, and they are all inclusive
  • If after a successful 12 months as an active instructor, your training investment will be paid back to you at 50% as a thank you to your commitment to the studio
  • Training fee is paid in full upfront, no refunds or exchanges for any reason

Instructor Perks:

Upon successful completion of ALL parts of the program, you will become a certified Mega Barre Instructor, and will be awarded a Mega Barre Certificate of Completion and receive the following benefits:

  • First 3 month probationary period compensation at $20/class.  After the first 3 months, compensation starts at $25/class for the remainder of your first year. Each year, your class rate will increase based off of studio membership and teaching evaluations
  • Membership to the Mega Barre Instructor Portal with ongoing trainings and content/choreography
  • 20% Discount on MB logo apparel
  • Flexible schedule–the best side hustle!
  • Full Barre Studio membership when you teach 2 or more classes per week
  • Be part of one of the most innovative and highly trained fitness teams in the area

After Certified: 

  • Likely you will be start out as a sub and work your way onto the schedule ideally with a minimum of 2 classes/week  
  • Expect a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month evaluation where we will give you constructive feedback via class evaluations
  • If your classes do not have consistent attendance, there is a probability that you may be replaced with a different instructor. It is encouraged you to take ownership of your classes, help encourage consistency and to make sure you are using our teacher portal to make sure you are switching up your choreography
  • It is also expected that you are part of the studio community as much as possible, taking veteran instructors classes often to learn and show support
  • You’ll be expected to attend quarterly team meetings

Please note: teacher placement on the schedule is not guaranteed. Future instructors for Mega Barre must pass evaluations and auditions, and will most likely be put on the substitute list to start. Regular placement on the schedule is based on demand, performance and current attendance at the studio and not guaranteed at anytime. 

Upcoming Training Dates

Please reach out if interested