Updated Policy effective December 1, 2023

Waived late cancel or no show fees for members are no longer a perk of membership.


We have a strict 6-hour cancellation policy. This means If you are signed up for a class and cancel before the 6 hours, you will not have a penalty. Your session will be credited back to your  account. However, if you cancel after the 6-hour mark you will lose your class credit. If you are an Unlimited Monthly package holder, you will be charged a $10 late cancel fee. All class participants will be charged a $15 No Show Fee regardless of their class package.


If you want to sign up for a class that is full we recommend you put yourself on the waitlist. If a spot frees up, you will be notified via email and added to the class. The 6-hour cancellation policy still applies to the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist but cannot make the class then you MUST remove yourself from the waitlist. If you are added to the class and can’t make it please cancel before the 6 hour mark. If you fail to do so you will lose your class credit and those with Unlimited Monthly packages will be charged $10 late cancel fee. All No Shows will be charged a $15 fee.


Arrive on Time 

Please arrive on time to all classes as late arrivals cause distractions for other clients who are focused and participating. **Please note that the door is locked once class begins for the safety of our clients and staff.** Thank you for your help and understanding with this.

Avoid Perfumes and Strong Scents

Please arrive with a clean body, hands and feet. Avoid use of lotions and perfumes before and during visiting or practicing in our studio, as well as any strong odor that may cause your fellow classmates discomfort.  Please note we have spray deodorant in our bathrooms that are welcome for your use.

No Talking

Please refrain from all talking and chatter during class. There will be moments of transition in each class, but conversation during these times not only is distracting, but slows down the entire classroom. Our class formats are based largely off of a mind/body connection and require that you stay present (both physically and mentally) for the entire duration of the class. That being said, we welcome “Woohoo’s!” and all the hard-working sounds that tend to happen when you’re in the “shake zone” and you’re feeling the burrrrnnnn!!

No Phones

Please silence all cell phones or any other electronic devices and store them away during class. Again, we want our clients to have the best experience possible and to be able to keep their focus inward during the hour, with minimal distractions.  Recording of any part of classes is strictly prohibited to protect our intellectual property.

Water Only

Please drink only water in the studio room in order to help us avoid spills and cleanups.

Clean Indoor Only Shoes

If you choose to wear shoes, please make sure they are designated as indoor studio shoes only.  You are welcome to store your shoes at the studio in a cubby.

Follow Directions

Please listen to and follow the directions of your instructor. It is her goal to keep you safe and in good form. We ask that you do not modify or vary from the exercise unless told otherwise during class or by an instructor outside of class (such as if you have an injury, you are pregnant, etc.). There will be times that your instructor gives you corrections, asks you to stay in a modification, or asks that you not attempt an advanced variation.  If you have questions or concerns about any instructions given to you specifically, feel free to ask your instructor about it after class.

Clean and Return Equipment

Please wipe your equipment at the end of every class and return back to its storage place.

*These rules are to ensure that clients are kept safe and are able to make the most of the time spent in the classroom. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to keeping these rules.